Sprayer Testing - Elements

The Department has outlined 10 elements that are examined during the sprayer test by the inspector.


All guards must be in place on the PTO.


The sprayer’s pump must have no leakages.


Visible agitation at maximum working pressure with largest nozzles mounted will be tested.


The inspector will check that there are no leakages in the tank and they will also check its strainer, pressure compensation, level indicator and emptying mechanism.

5.Measuring Systems/ Controls

The sprayers pressure gauge, its readability, marking, diameter, accuracy, steadiness of pointer, will be examined.

6.Pipes And Hoses

No leakages, abrasions, kinks or bends should be on the pipes and hoses for the test.


Ensure that all in-line filters and, where appropriate, nozzle filters are clean for the inspection.

8.Spray Booms

The stability, straightness, automatic resetting, nozzle spacing, section control of the spray booms will be tested.


Ensure that all nozzles are identical and that there is no dripping five seconds after turning off the sprayer.

10.Pressure / Flow Rate

The inspector will test the boom section pressures / nozzle flow rates of the sprayer.

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